Unlikely answers

Okay…I have just dropped my son off at a strangers house, kind of.  William was called earlier in the week and asked to join a rock band.  Aaron says he knows the guys and they are “good kids.”  I trust his judgement because he usually is a pretty good judge of character.  These guys are high schoolers, so I was a little nervous about this. 

 However, just last week I was praying that God would give William an outlet for his drumming.  It seems the worship team at youth group has a drummer already, and while he likes marching band it is totally different from playing in a regular band.  Seeing this as a critical time in his life, I hit my knees asking the Lord to intervene and bring him somewhere to use his talent.  Now, God has a sense of humor, as we all know…a Christain Heavy Metal group calls him up this week.  While I am wondering is there such a thing as Christain heavy metal, William is begging to join. His face has completely lit up.  He has a serious glow of excitement about him. Very similar to when Hannah first went to Brazil…he has come alive.  Bill and I talk about it and agree to let him try it. We know and have always known that drumming is in his blood.  We have also known that talent could lead him into places we would never want him to go.  It is part of the gift God has given him.  To reach out to heavy metal kids…I don’t know about that one…it is a stretch for me.  Every part of me says…don’t you like orchestral music???  Can’t you pick something else???  But my mouth says okay we will let you try it…but we have to meet the parents and the kids.  So I go today to take him and two big long haired guys come out.  I am gulping air…but in my head God says do not judge on appearances.  One of the guys comes over and very respectfully introduces himself…then the other does as well.  They are only practicing until 6:30 because they have church…is that okay with me?  Would you like to meet my dad?  Let us help you unload the drums.  I am stunned by this show of normal behavior.  I, of course know that kids are kids and they all are normal underneath the exterior, but I am so quick to pre-judge someone.  I am finding that the lesson in this adventure is quite likely to be for me.  I do not know if it will last or if William will like it but God is definitely on the move and in the business of answering prayers…even if it is ways we never dream of!  Now if you would kindly pray for me and my ears….


2 thoughts on “Unlikely answers

  1. We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.(Talmudic saying) Judge not according to the appearance…(John 7:24)
    Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance.
    How naive to believe that God only pulls for good guys in white hats.
    How doubly naive to believe your hat is all white. God sends the rain on the just and unjust.(Matt 5:45)

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