Labor Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I haven’t even turned on my computer this weekend…it was a nice break. 

On Labor Day each year, our church has a kind of festival in the park.  Cars of all makes and models fill the parking lot for the annual car show.  There are inflatable games and slides, a climbing wall, and a multitude of vendors selling food for their organizations.  Bands perform, along with a choir made up of members of area churches and the pastor gives a short message just before the fireworks show.  It is a wonderful way to spend the holiday.  Each year more and more people from the community attend.  This year was no exception.  The crowd grew more as each hour passed. 

In the midst of the crowd I saw a beautiful thing, unexpected in such a mass of people.  An older couple from our church in their mid to late 80’s, was strolling across the parking lot hand in hand.  I do not exactly know why that sight so caught my eye, but it did.  I watched them, holding hands like two teenagers in love.  They were in no hurry.  The companionship and comfortableness of the relationship was evident for all who happened to notice them.  They talked to one another as if they were the only two people around.  The smiles reached to their eyes with a twinkle, which showed that even after spending a lifetime together, they were deeply in love. It was obvious that they had a deep and intimate knowing of each other…joined by their love for the Lord.  It was refreshing to see.  It lifted my spirit to see such love shining forth. Contentment radiated. 

I happen to know this couple.  I know some of their life story and a few of the hardships they have faced.  It is a testimony of the power of love.  Each year, since I was the preschool director at our church, the woman has taken my hands in hers, looked me in the eyes and sung the birthday song to me. The ever-present twinkle in her eye sparks to life as she sings.  She just radiates the love of God.  Her positive attitude is catching and she spreads joy wherever she goes.  To watch her husband hold her hand with tender affection well into their eighties was such a blessing to me.  It was a beautiful picture of a lifetime romance that touched my heart.   


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