Clean as a Whistle

As anticpated, my test today came out well. IV was in in one stick…that never happens.  My colon is clean as a whistle…literally.  No polips, no blockages…he will see me again when I am 50.  Good news twice in one week…I am getting spoiled!  This was my last test for a while as far as I know.  My next visit to the oncologist is not until November. 

At the hosptial today I was remembering all the medical stuff of the past year.  I hated the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach going in.  It was very familiar, I was glad to have forgotten it and didn’t like the rememberance at all.  It did however make me think of all the people still walking through those doors each day.  The ones still having chemo or surgery or tests because of some illness attacking their bodies.  I said a prayer for them as I laid on that bed today.  My proceedure was short.  I was groggy for a couple of hours.  I feel fine now.  I am so grateful for my health.  I am blessed beyond belief to have caught my cancer early.  God is so good to me!! 


2 thoughts on “Clean as a Whistle

  1. If you like your passport photo you’re too ill to travel (Kommen)

    I enjoy convalescence It is the part that makes the illness worthwhile.
    Measure your health by your sympathy with morning and spring. (Thoreau)

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