Happy Birthday to Me!

I have to say that this day…this birthday of mine, is a welcome day.  I didn’t know if I would make this one.  At one point I was not sure, of course soon after I found that I had stage one and that treatment would probably have good results.  But the idea that I am celebrating this day with good health is still amazing to me.  I am so grateful to be living and breathing.  I am privilaged to be able to work and to walk and to breathe.  Everytime I go to Curves I remind myself of how great it is to be ABLE to go.  When I do not want to go, I tell myself that I get to go…and remember what it was like not to get to.  I am so blessed.  My children are frustrated with me because I cannot think of one thing I need.  They asked for what to buy me and I couldn’t come up with one thing.  I just want to be with them and enjoy being together.  They got me some CD’s, a book and a gift certificate for clothes…and sweet cards that made me cry. It does not matter the number of years I have been here today.  I am not old…I am alive.  I am sooooo blessed!!!!

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