A message

 This is a message God spoke to my heart last week when I was pretty down about my job…he put it all back into perspective.  Obviously I did not put the names of the children in only their intials. 

My daughter,
I want you to know that nothing I do is wasted, therefore nothing you do is
wasted either.  I am a craftsman.  I send you the children that I wish for
you to have.  There is not one that I did not send to you, but I did not send
them to learn to read.  Oh you can teach them that, and it will be useful to them
here in this life.  But I sent them instead because I knew you would plant
the seeds of my love…I will harvest those in the future. Sweet daughter…I sent
them so you could teach them that they are valuable and have worth.  K. needs
to know she is beautiful.  D. needs to learn that his enthusiasm, when
tempered, is a gift from me.  Each one needs something different and I put
them there because you can give it to them. 

Did you not see the fire in S.’s eyes yesterday?…you put it there.  Do you not remember the blank and confused
stares she used to give?  Precious one…You had a part in that change in her spirit…she
got what she needs last year and now she can move on to what I have next for her.  Not one
minute wasted. I fashion masterpieces.  That takes time.  A masterpiece takes years and
years to create.  Do not allow the enemy to steal your worth to me, daughter…in the
place that I have placed you.  You do not see the fullness of the fruit of what
you do…but it will matter in eternity.  You are building a masterpiece with
me in each child. And I am building one in you as well.  Ah…do you not think that you need
these children as much as they need you?  I have orchestrated the whole thing.  You
are a student in that classroom as well…my student that learns of me, and my
ways.  Just remember my Masterpieces are not built in  a short time…but over an eternity..
Your Loving Father,
Your diligent master,
Your saving Lord,
Your master craftsman
Your masterpiece designer,


2 thoughts on “A message

  1. The best teacher is…. the one who kindles an inner fire, arouses moral enthusiasm, inspires the student with a vision of what he may become and reveals the worth and permanency of moral and spiritual and cultural values. (H. Garnett)

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