Funeral Home…Again

Another trip to the funeral home.  This one was tragic beyond words.  My student, an eight-year-old boy, lost his mother.  Two weeks ago, he lost his father. Heartbreaking does not begin to cover it.  It is remarkable how resilient children are.  I know that the depth of this day has not yet affected this boy.  It may not for years to come. Yet I cannot help but wonder what is the plan?  If you know God is in control, and he allows things for his purposes…what is the purpose?  To me, this night, I cannot see it.  I see a little boy without parents and a family torn apart.  It is hard.  It affects my heart.  And now I have the chance to teach this child.  I will see him every day and try to help him put his life together.  Everyday teachers deal with the circumstances in the lives of our students.  Some are difficult and heartbreaking…like today.  It is my calling and a ministry to reach children.  My job has never been about test scores…it is about children and life. 



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