Prayer request

Can it have only been two days that we have been back at school?  It seems like a month at least.  I am exhausted after only two days!  It is this way every year…but it is like labor, you forget the trauma from the last one until it is too late.  I know that next week will be a super long one because it will be 5 days.  Things will get smoother as the structure begins…it is the first few days of procedures and policies that take forever.  Once we can get our routine established we will hit the ground running.  The kids are immature and act like they don’t know how to do anything themselves…except talk and play.  By the end of the year they are ship shape and we send them on…only to get a new group of little ones and start over.  It is a perspective thing however.  One of our new teachers came from teaching 1st grade and she is amazed at how mature and independent they are!  Imagine that.  It is all about expectations. 

I do have a prayer request for one of my students.  Last week his father died suddenly from a heart attack at 37.  We have been watching him closely these two days back.  We found out this afternoon that his mother died today!  So far the cause is unknown…didn’t wake up.  It is so hard to deal with this kind of loss even for adults much less an 8 year old.  Please pray for the grandmother who will be taking even greater responsibility now, and for the sibling of this boy.  It is a tragic situation.


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