Work days

I am back at work full time. And my new graduate class started yesterday. We have had a busy week with back to school conferences with parents on Monday.  I worked 8:00 am- 8:00 pm.  It is a grueling day but meeting with each parent individually gives valuable information BEFORE school starts.  Today we had our county wide meeting and it was a hoot as always.  We really have a great county.  The community supports us…this week all the banks take turns providing meals and little gifts like calendars.  We got to see and hear about all the new teachers today.  Each year there seem to be more as our county grows.  Our school is still on the look out for a 5th grade teacher and a 3rd grade teacher…so if you know anyone that needs a teaching job send them our way.  Tomorrow we have staff pictures and I. D.s will be made then meetings.  We had the afternoon in our rooms today and I got to clean out two years of stuff.  I am a long way from being finished.  My things were moved so many times while I was sick that I don’t even know what I have.  I plan to use this whole year to purge and get rid of stuff I haven’t used in a while.  Overall it is a busy week.  Another UTI slowed me down some. It is my second since surgery.  Hey, wasn’t this surgery supposed to fix this???  So far it hasn’t worked.  I plan to see yet another doctor in a week or two…a urologist this time.  Other than that all is well.  I am exhausted from being back in the grind.  Kids go back on Thursday…

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