I have a favorite tree.  It stands alone in a rolling pasture on the highest hill.  Surrounded by waving green grass it looks like the guardian of the land.  There is a chocolate fence that encloses grazing horses.  The shade of the tree brings them relief and they gather around.  A mountain with all the greens of summertime stands over the tree.  It is a picturesque view.  It makes me wonder…what has that tree been witness to?  How many primitive people stood in its shade?  If that tree could talk what stories, would it tell?  I think that about all trees because I love old things.  It is my historical side coming through.  I have a curious streak that has me wondering and often imagining things of the past; how they came to be, what happened at a certain place…my mind can take off at such thoughts.

 I think that it is interesting that God uses tiny seeds to bring about ancient trunks.  In our microwave world, God is a farmer.  He never rushes, yet he is always on time. Nature does not strive, and the trees prove that. God is patient. His definition of patience and ours are different.  If you have ever prayed for patience you already know this.  Two years seems like forever for us, but in the life of a tree it is nothing.  God plans and plants.  He nurtures to bring forth the fruit in the right season.

 And what can we learn from the trees? They start as acorns or seed pods lying on the ground.  They begin to sprout and their roots dig down.  Before you know it, a small seedling stands where the seed once was, and after that a sapling.  Over years, the tree grows taller and straighter by reaching for the sun and digging roots deep. Trees get stronger as they mature. They produce fruit of one kind or another.  They can buffet the winds of storms.  They provide shade and homes for animals.  The beauty of their branches reaching towards heaven reminds us to look up. 

In many ways, we are like the trees.  Starting small and growing to maturity.  God is not worried about if we will make it to our full height.  He does not loose sleep over if our roots will dig deep or shallow.  He is a farmer with a plan.  He sees all of what we will become as part of his design. Eventually our arms will rise, in praise to him.  We will learn to weather storms with flexibility and grace.  We will provide safe shelter for those that are weary. Fruit will come forth in our lives in the right season.  He has created us for this…and he always finishes what he starts.  Just look at the trees.     


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. The branches reflect the roots. Rocky soil will produce stub branches
    just like people planted in rocky places.Foundations are important.

  2. You are right…Sandy soil produces no roots at all. In the Alaskan rain forest the roots are shallow because 3 feet down is permafrost. The roots there spread over a longer distance to soak up all the water in the surface levels of the soil. A wind storm can uproot many trees. Standing firm takes on a new meaning if you look at the trees. Roots are everything.

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