Siege- the act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible.

Our hearts are under siege.  The enemy of our souls wants to cut us off from God by surrounding and attacking.  This blockage is a well-orchestrated plan.  He wants us to be isolated because he knows we cannot resist when we are alone. He is aware we will be weak and capture will be easy.  His strategy is to harden our hearts to the things of God.

When your physical heart is blocked, there is a build up of years of unhealthy living that slows the blood flow.  The heart pumps, but it is hindered from fully functioning.  Over time, the blocked artery can cause damage…even death, if it is not attended.  The heart is handicapped.  The life-blood ceases to flow properly and fatigue is the result.  Our heart gets tired so blood pressure rises to compensate.  The circulation is cut off from some parts of our body causing numbness. Eventually, severe pain causes us to seek help.  This serious problem must be addressed.

Our spiritual hearts are no different.  It does not matter if you do not know the Lord or have known him for years.  We sin.  We choose, not fully comprehending how deadly that choice can be.  Over time, we will become numb to the effects of our sin.  It impedes the life that God is so desperately trying to pump into our spirit.  Sometimes we wait until the pain is so great we feel we will explode before going to our source of life.  The oxygen carried by the blood is the Holy Spirit.  It is life.  When we allow Jesus in to our spiritual heart, his blood washes away the blockages.  It flushes our system of the toxic waste that sin causes.  The unforgiveness, bitterness, and selfishness are removed, being replaced with humility and compassion.   Anything that blocks us from receiving God’s love is taken, allowing us to once again experience the flow.  Our lives are revived, and renewed. Grace abounds.   

In the Bible, the word siege is used quite frequently.  Old testament battles repeatedly report cities under siege.  Towers being built to surround a city until it fell were common.  Most cities had walls to protect against such attacks.  There are references to siege ramps, and siege works throughout these passages.   One of the most familiar of these stories is the Battle of Jericho (Joshua 6).  Joshua saw an angel that told him the plan of the Lord.  Just think what the children of Israel must have thought when Joshua told them to march around the wall without a word.  Fortunately, he had already earned their trust or they may have not followed.  This has to be one of the most remarkable sieges in history.  The priests had seven trumpets and they blew them all the way around the walls.  (This could be the first marching band!)  Behind them came the Ark of the Covenant.  After that were the people.  They went one time around each day until the seventh day, then seven times around and a shout.  The walls came down. Amazing.

I use this story to show that God wants to bring down the walls we have built up.  He has laid siege to our hearts.  He longs to break through the blockages.  He knows we are well fortified in our hardness of heart and he has a plan to break through.  His methods may seem unconventional but if we trust him, the battle will be over quickly and he will root out the darkness.  He will give us the land.  Our hearts will no longer be divided.  We will not battle to keep hidden secrets once he has blasted the clogging muck that hinders us.  The sin that the enemy has worked so hard for us to become entrapped in will be shown for what it is.  The blood of the Lord will flow, pumping, pumping, pumping…life.    

Did you notice?  Both God and the devil are trying to lay hold of your heart.  Satan wants to isolate and bind.  God wants to break through the strongholds the devil has set up.  Do you know what that means?  You are valuable.  Your heart is worth the battle.  God will fight for you to the end, and the enemy of your soul knows this.  God desires your freedom.  But the choice is up to you which way to go.  Will you cooperate with God’s siege or the enemy’s?  Therefore, when you see God setting up siege works around you…take heart!  (Pun intended)  The blockage is about to be blasted!



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