The dictionary says that to believe means to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.  At school, our classroom motto is “believe.”  My co-teacher and I want our students to be confident that what we say is true.  They can learn.  More importantly, we want them to know for themselves…not just because we say it…that it is true.  This one little word, believe, is a powerful one.  It is a wonderful moment when we hear one student tell another…”just believe.”  It means that they have been listening.  It means that they are starting the hear the word in their own heads instead of coming from our mouths.  This is when the power of the word becomes real.

Outside of school, the word applies to life situations.  To know the power of God when you cannot see it in front of you, requires belief and faith.  Even in the midst of trials and circumstances, belief brings shaky confidence, which leads to hope.  When there is hope, then all is not lost…it is a positive cycle.  With each repetition of it, the belief becomes stronger.  Illness cannot quench it.  Hardship cannot stop it.  Fear cannot beat it.  Of course, God is the author of belief, hope, and faith.  He has put all of this into our spirits.  That is why we do not give in.  He has created us to be fighters.

A friend of mine recently had a bad report from doctors.  Actually, I have 5 friends…some of them strangers…that are battling with life threatening diseases. It seems my cancer is now serving a purpose; to encourage others that are just beginning their battle.  In these battles, it is important to believe.  Believe in God’s sovereignty; in your own God-designed spirit, and in the future hope you have in Jesus.  As we all know, there are not easy answers in life.  The questions are hard ones.  The fears are real ones.  However, when we believe, our focus shifts from our circumstances to our will to fight and God’s ability to overcome.  We have hope and in that, we become over comers.  It is true with my students in the classroom, and it is true in life.  Just Believe.


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