Have you ever thought of God as playful?  I was sitting on my porch the other night.  As it began to get dark, the lightning bugs came out.  At first, it was just a few, but as the darkness increased, the little flashes of light did as well.  It was then that it hit me; part of God’s nature is to be playful.  Who else could have thought of a bug with a light up tail?

Think back to chasing fireflies in your own backyard as a kid. When they illuminate, you run to them.  However, by the time you get there they are gone…at least from that particular spot.  Then you see the flash again and you run again, giggling all the way.  It is a triumphant moment when you are finally able to catch one of these little lights.  Sealed up tightly in your hands you run to anyone who will watch and show them the amazing thing you have…a bug with a light.  Sometimes they crawl out and take flight again twinkling like the stars in the sky, only closer.  A holy game of hide and seek, created just for us by our playful God.  All the flickering becomes a beautiful backdrop for children to run, play and laugh.  There is something about the laughter of children.  It is musical with a healing quality about it.  It tells us not to take life to seriously and to enjoy it while we can.  It causes us to stop and see the joy in the little things…like bugs with light up tails.

The deeper meaning?  I think you know.  His truth is something we have to seek after.  We run towards it when we see it.  The light is all around us, though sometimes it is illusive.  The lesson is that there is joy in the journey.  It is not supposed to be hard, but fun to find the treasure God has so creatively provided for us.  We simply have to take the time to look.  Sometimes it blends into our surroundings, until the moment of the flash when we see it briefly, just long enough to become curious.  Next, we look more carefully waiting to see if the light we saw will reappear. When it does, we run to find the truth he has set before us and delight in our ability to capture and hold it.  We study it quickly lest it take flight before we fully grasp it. Once we have seen it and shared it with those around us, we release it to hunt for another. All the while, he delights in our search and in the fact that his ways cause us to seek him diligently, again and again. Hide and seek. Each truth builds on our knowledge of him as we learn more of his playful nature…through nature.


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