Quick Note

Here is a quick note…I had a bone scan yesterday.  It was primarily to get a baseline since I no longer produce estrogen.  They want to make sure my bones do not lose mass.  The technician said that all looked good, but the doctor will call to tell me that later.  I was happy to have such a simple test…I didn’t even have to undress…I can’t remember the last time I got to stay fully clothed at a doctors office! 

I am starting to get geared up for school.  Rather, I am trying to finish all the things I wanted to do around here this summer.  I have painted the bathroom that started the redecorating last year.  It is finally looking more like what I had envisioned.  It should have been a simple process to paint a bathroom…I hired two different people to do it.  It turned into a mess when the badly pealing wallpaper tore up the wall coming off.  Then I tried to have someone cover the holes with a faux finish that didn’t work.  Yesterday I did a different finish and it worked!  In the meantime I also wrote my final paper for my class…just plain busy.  Now I will be getting kids to eye doctor, dentists, haircuts etc… for the next couple of weeks.  I can feel the pace picking up already.  I am not ready for it but I will have to be soon…like it or not. 


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