If you have never been to a DCI (Drum Corp International) competition you should go to one.  They have been described as “marching band on steroids” and the “major league of marching band.”  Yesterday, we took the kids…all but Peter…and went to the Southeastern Regional event at the Georgia Dome.  Bill was able to get discounted tickets through his professor at school.  It was amazing even to someone who doesn’t know anything about band…such as me.  I was amazed at the power of the bugle corp and the drum work was unbelieveable.  The shows were elaborate with dancers and rifles, and flags.  There were probably 20 bands there and it was an all day event.  We arrived home exhausted at 1:00 am.  But I would say it was worth it.  My kids loved it and were inspired for band camp in a couple of weeks.  I never cease to be amazed at the creativity God implanted into humans.  We know we are like him in that way but to see so many ways and outlets for it is truely inspiring. 

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