Do you know where you were 21 years ago tonight? (This is posted on the 12th even though the computer probably will put in on the 13th)  Many of you were at our wedding!  Remember the one that felt as if the candles could melt it was so hot…oh yeah…they did melt!  I am greatly appreciative of all of you that went to the time and effort to make it to our special day.  This year especially I can see how blessed I am to have found Bill.  I could not have gotten through this battle without him.  He has been super patient and understanding the whole way.  I have felt cherished.  I am glad that he did not have to deal with the “’til death do you part” section of the vows.  However, he has definitely lived up to the in sickness and health part. 

You know when you take those vows you are young.  I don’t really know if you fully understand the kind of commitment you are making.  When you have a bad year, like this one, the rubber meets the road and the commitment becomes real.  It is hard, but it is a deep bond of intimacy.  Not the kind of intimacy people think of on their wedding day…true intimacy is proven when someone has to help you go to the bathroom or walk or shower.  But the bond of trauma and hardship makes a marriage stronger than before.  My husband has been a life-saver throughout this ordeal for me.  He is a blessing from God.


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