Pray for My Friends

I have a couple of requests for all my praying friends.  A few years ago, our church had a Christian comedian come in after our very big and stressful Christmas production.  He had us in stitches…it was a great evening of release.  Since then, he and I have been e-mail buddies as I have sent him funny moments in my classroom.  I just found out yesterday that his 3-year-old daughter Kennedy Grace has cancer…leukemia to be exact.  I cannot tell you how this grabbed my heart in my chest.  To think of a 3-year-old going through what I went through and worse…it makes me angry.  I have never liked the enemy of our souls, but this is too much.  This family has 3 small children and a dad that travels.  I know that they would appreciate your prayers that this terrible disease be eradicated from their daughter’s body.  I would add to pray that there would be smooth medical procedures, as you can imagine having to explain to a 3 year old why all of these painful things HAVE to be done to her.  Their names are Kenn and Heather Kington.  His website has a link to their blog about Kennedy’s progress.  It is 

After this shocking news, Hannah came in with yet another prayer request.  Christian recording artist Russ Lee (you have heard him on the radio) is a friend of our music minister.  They were supposed to stop at one of his concerts on the way home from Branson.  The concert was canceled due to the fact that his wife has cancer!  Can you believe this?  They went in to remove what they thought was a cyst and found cancer.  I am not sure of the details…but Hannah said she thinks they had to remove part of her spleen and pancreas.  Like I said, I am not sure but I know that this needs prayer as well. 

Those that have committed their lives to full time ministry are under attack, as you can see.  Please pray for them…as well as your own pastors and their families.  The battle is heating up and they are the first targets.  As you battle on your knees for these please pray for peace that passes understanding and wisdom.  I know you are prayer warriors because you got me through my battle…thank you for your hearts of prayer.


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