This date is significant.  I heard that people everywhere are getting married and having babies on this date.  It is a lucky number I guess 7-7-7.  I have to say that it has me thinking, because it is a huge date in my life.  One year ago today, I heard the words every one fears…you have cancer.  It was like a physical blow to my body just to hear the words.  Can you imagine how big a word is to be able to take your breath away just hearing it? 

My mind was numb, my body in fearful shock.  What a day that was, 7-7-06.  I didn’t know what was ahead that day, other than a whirlwind of medical procedures I didn’t know anything about.  The word crashed around in my head, taunting me for days. 

Now I look back.  Wow, how far I have come in one long/short year…hysterectomy, open incision, chemo, no hair, new hair then surgery again.  That is a lot for one body to endure.  But what my body endured is nothing compared to what my spirit learned.  God is soooo incredibly faithful.  And as I flew over Mt. McKinley in Alaska , I realized cancer isn’t such a big word.  God is infinitely bigger.  His majesty is greater.  His compassion and mercy are endless. 

My heart is overwhelmed at the year.  I had what will hopefully, be my last surgery, planned for last week specifically to be finished before the one-year mark.  In the bible, the number 7 is the number of completion…the number of God.  I choose to think that God had it all planned that this day would be a day of rejoicing for me.  I do not think it is coincidence.  It is a day I will never forget.  The day the bully cancer came to push me around. It is a day I will always remember…the day that I realized that cancer is a very small word. 


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