Fourth of July

          I have fallen behind in my writing as I guess you can tell.  Bill and I decided since we were child-less and dog-less that we should take advantage.  We went to Highlands to see our friend Pete perform at the Highlands Playhouse.  The show was Kiss Me Kate and it was great.  We found a little Bed and Breakfast that was cozy so we stayed there.  It was an enjoyable, slow paced, Fourth of July.  We meandered and moseyed, two things we have not done in some time. We dropped in on mom and dad and ended up having dinner there, then we wandered on home to an empty house.    No schedule, nothing planned, just stop when we wanted, and see what we wanted…it was perfect. 

It did make me think…what is Jason’s family doing today?  Do you celebrate our country even more when your child sacrificed his life to preserve it, or do you think more solemnly of the cost of freedom?  My guess is that it is both.  It had to be an emotional day for any family that has lost a loved one in battle.  I think that is why the World War II generation is so seriously patriotic…they lived with the cost of our freedom.  They breathed it and so they understand the balance of celebration and remembrance.  The fireworks and barbeque are hard won privileges that most of us take for granted in our great country.  The Fourth of July is a time to relax and mosey…and remember.


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