Keep Praying

The surgery went well. The waking up was much smoother than last time.  However, there has been a slight complication.  I cannot go to the bathroom on my own.  I have been trying to relax all day.  They finally drained my bladder of 1250 ccs.  Now I feel so much better!  But since I cannot do it on my own yet I will be staying the night.  My doctor will be in tomorrow to find out what the problem is.  They had kind of prepared me for this…by asking that I bring an overnight bag “just in case.”  I did and so I am here until I can go on my own.  Two of my kids leave for a mission trip in the morning early.  I hate that I will miss the send off but nothing can be done.  The good news is that the incisions they made are not giving me too much trouble pain wise.  I am sore and will probably be more so to next to days to so…but once I can go I think this will not be too bad of a recovery.  Keep praying..


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