When we took off there was a light rain falling.  It is kind of like summer showers at home…they come for a while and you can see that not to far away it is still sunny.  The temperature has been very comfortable since we have been on land.  We were concerned that our flight-seeing trip would be cloudy and rainy.  However, we had an excellent pilot that knew where and how to go to avoid the rain.  Once we were up around 10,000 feet we didn’t see another drop until we landed.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this trip was.  At first, the mountains were black covered with green moss about half way to the top.  Many were orange, like what you might see at the Grand Canyon .  We found out through our headsets that volcanoes and earthquakes formed much of this area.  As we moved along the Alaskan Mountain Range, they got bigger.  They were like zebras, black with white stripes of snow and ice.  Taller and taller they grew until all we could see was a sea of black striped mountains.  Next, the mountains became all white on the tops, then all the way down, until we finally reached “the great one” called Denali by the natives, later named Mount McKinley by a politician.   Mt. McKinley towers above everything in the area, guarding the land as a massive immoveable mountain of ice.  It creates the weather that surrounds it.  On this day, the sun was sparkling on the glacial ice packed onto the peak.  It was one of the rare days that the mountain was showing itself.  We were the benefactors.  It was blinding to look at and yet you could not look away.  It was too beautiful. 

Clouds were beneath us and blended into the snow making a great white sea with mountain peaks as islands.  In the center stood Denali 8,000 feet above all the others.  Our pilot was an expert at the approach and circling of the mountain.  Mere words cannot describe the beauty in every direction.  It was breathtaking.  As we wove in and out of the peaks, the views became more stunning around each turn.  In all of this, I was again amazed at the hugeness of our God.  My first thought was that cancer is really quite little in the largeness that is God. The mountains dwarf all that is around them…they have stood for thousands of years and will stand for thousands more as a testimony to God’s steadfastness. My life is but a breath on this earth, but an eternity after…the mountains are a reminder that God is forever. 


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