Train Ride

This morning we went on a historical tour of Denali .  It was a brisk morning to walk the trails of the park.  Soon the sun came out, so we explored further as we waited for our train to arrive.  The temperature was in the high 60’s and the sun was out.  We had to shed our layers as we walked.  A light breeze was refreshing throughout the day.

            Then we rode a train into Fairbanks .  The ride was in a domed car so we could see all the way.  We had a wonderful dinner on the train to celebrate our last night in Alaska .  It was a wonderful finale.  Tomorrow we plan to sleep in and visit some local sights in Fairbanks before heading to the airport at 10:45pm.  Our flight leaves at 12:35 am. 

We have had a wonderful time but we are all very tired.  The sun does not set and it is amazing how hard that makes it to sleep even with thick curtains.  In two days, it is the Summer Soltace…a big day here as it is the longest day of the summer.  They have a midnight baseball game that is played without lights…because the sun is up all night. Peter is disappointed that we will not be here for that.  Other than that, we are all ready to be home in our own beds and to sleep for a few days. I cannot wait to show you all the pictures we have taken…it has been a trip of a lifetime.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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