Today we disembarked with the sun bright in the sky.  There were mountians surrounding the port of Seward in every direction…360 degrees, not a cloud in the bright blue sky.  As we rode our motor coach, the views were spectacular.  The sun made the snow on the mountains sparkle like diamonds.  Around every turn was another gourgeous picture.  The tree line was low on the mountains so they turned from forest green to charcoal gray up to the snow covered tips.  We stopped at an animal shelter that rehabilitates animals that have been wounded or orphaned.  We got to see bears, elk, deer, muskox and buffalo.  It was good to be able to get up close.  When we arrived in Anchorage the sun was out and the temperature was 65 degrees.  Perfect weather.  We went to a Native Alaskan Museum for a while.  They had demonstrations and exhibits and crafters.  It was a great tour…except for the fact we had driven 4 hours and were exhausted.  At our hotel we are going to visit with Andrew Morris, our pastors son.  We are ordering pizza to be delivered so we won’t have to walk anywhere or stand in line.  We plan to go to bed early and sleep well.  Tomorrow we leave for Denali at 9:00 am.  It is a seven hour drive…whew another long day.  We are going to go whitewater rafting when we get there.  We are all excited about that!  We are also happy that we will be in Denali for a couple of days so we can settle in and not be so rushed.  Live Fully!!!

One thought on “Disembarking

  1. Michelle-
    I got your message on our machine and wanted to read your entrees. It all sounds absolutely majestic and wonderful. I am soooo excited and happy for you all. I would love to hear more about the dogs. Is this something I’d love to do for a living? Ha! Can you imagine the cold all the time? Continue to bask in His glory and live fully!!! Talk to you soon.

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