Skagway and Icy Strait


The day in Skagway was cloudy and cold…no rain.  That was a good thing, nice and dry.  The wind, however, was another story.  It was whipping and trying to pierce through all of our layers.  Fortunately, the bus that took us to the dog sledding camp was heated.  We rode for 30 minutes through some of the most beautiful country we have seen so far.  Once at the camp, we rode a dog sled pulled by 16 dogs for about a mile or so.  It was thrilling to go through the back-country.  Our guide was a musher in training.  We got to pet the dogs and when we got back into the camp we got to pet some puppies.  It was cold but there was a fire.  I cannot imagine living like these guys do.  It was a beautiful ride back to town.  We went to the Red Onion Saloon for a snack.  It used to be a brothel in the gold rush days.  Now they have made it into a restaurant/museum.  We hit all the tourist shops then went back to the ship.  On board, it turned into a beautiful evening.  The wind was still high but the view was incredible as we sailed by glaciers and snow covered mountains.  Beautiful.


Icy Strait

Today we went whale watching at Icy Strait .  The SUN was shining so the temperature was comfortably cool.  This place is not as much of a tourist attraction as the others we have visited.  It was by far our favorite.  The natural beauty was the main focus here.  There was very little development, a few shops all in one building, a restaurant, a zip line that was amazing, and some trails.  We took a whale/wildlife watching tour.  We must have seen 12 or so humpback whales.  They were feeding in groups.  It was like a fireworks show when they began to dive and we watched their tales come up.  You could hear squeals of delight, and oohs and aahs.  There were sea lions, a bear, eagles, otters and all kinds of birds.  We had a wonderful time.  Tonight was our last formal night and during dinner several more whales gave a show outside our window.  It was a beautiful day and the sunset at 11:30 should be gorgeous.  Tomorrow is another day at sea.  I hope to do a little more descriptive writing.  Trying to paint you a picture is turning out to be a great writing exercise for me! 


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