The day in Ketchican started out overcast, windy and cold.  We choose an underwater tour here…on a special boat.  We had considered snorkeling because the kids love it however, we thought through the possible weather conditions and decided against it.  I am soooo glad we did, because we would have been miserable otherwise.  Our boat was a semi-submersible.  That means it had a room below deck that had observation windows in it.  We saw some amazing jelly fish and a kelp forest with Turkish Towel as well as other kinds of plants.  There were many kinds of starfish of all colors.  The Sunflower Star had 25 legs!  The water was murky and, beyond those few items along the bottom, we didn’t see much in the way of fish.  A few halibut, some rock fish and a few salmon were all that were out and swimming.  After awhile, we went up on deck to watch for Bald Eagles.  We were not disappointed.  Our guide threw out some salmon and they came from all around to feed.  There were at least 15 adults and 5 or more juveniles.  It was a sight to see them glide down and grab the fish only to soar again.  Their white heads against the trees made them stand out.  The juveniles are all brown and therefore, a bit harder to see, however they are quicker to come in for the fish and usually eat first. 
After our tour we did a little shopping for hats and gloves…we were not fully equipped for this much cold. Hannah and I went to a museum while the boys went back to the ship. The wind died down and the sun came out…in Ketchican…the rainiest city in North America!  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  We watched the sunset about 10:30 over the ocean with puffy white clouds overhead.


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