Our hopes were high after the sun came out for us in Ketchican.  When we arrived in Juno the clouds were low, it was windy and cold…and raining.  We were disappointed because our plans for the day were to be outside for 5 hours this morning.  Bill and the boys braved the rain to salmon fish.  Hannah and I went on a photo safari, which turned out to be fabulous despite the terrible conditions.  I will not lie, it was cold and wet but it was exhilarating to see the natural beauty around us.  Our guide was a professional photographer, and because she had a degree in photography, she was a huge help to us.  She gave photo tips and was also very knowledgeable about everything.  We saw Humpback Whales first.  These amazing animals are awe-inspiring.  It is hard to get a picture of them because they move quickly.  Hannah was the first on our boat to get a tail shot!  Then we saw sea lions.  They were basking in the sun on a buoy.  Next, we went to a glacier and got some great shots of icebergs and waterfalls.  A hike through the rain forest ended our morning.  It was a great trip because our guide was interested in us making great photos.  She took us to all the spot to find wildlife and natural flora. 

The boys only caught one fish…a 5-pound king salmon.  They also saw a whale and some eagles.  Aaron shot a video with his camera of an Eagle coming down and grabbing a fish out of the water right by their boat.  We did some shopping after our tours and then came back to warm up before dinner.  Tomorrow we go to see the Husky dogs and musher camp.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate!


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