The Inside Passage


As we are gliding through the water, I can hear the gulls cry out as their white bodies stand out against the green spruce.  It is raining, misty and chilly.  The wispy clouds shroud the valleys creating a surreal canvas of beauty.  Hemlocks stand tall and straight as soldiers in formation.  Behind the pine forest, monstrous peaks covered in snow reach into the mist. Giant rock cliffs are scattered among the mountains, their jagged faces of charcoal stand within the trees.  Waterfalls plummet thousands of feet and drop into the inlet as white fingers.  From the snow-covered peaks, you can watch water falling.  Down the cliffs, into the crevasses between the ridges it tumbles winding its way to the rocky beaches where it jumps to blend with the sea.  In the distance, mountain ridges rise in shades of gray, towering until they become dark shadows against the white sky.  The mist rises like smoke, floating to blend with the clouds.  On the sea, white caps are breaking dotting the cold green water like dancing lace.  All creation testifies…


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