Bon Voyage


     The day was sunny.  After successfully navigating through all procedures to board the ship, we made it.  We got unpacked and began to relax.  The ship is huge!  It is the biggest one on which I have ever been.  The kids were thrilled to run all over to find their bearings.  One of the many things they looked for was the ice cream bar and the 24 hour pizza bar. The video arcade was next.  (I wish they didn’t have one.) I found the library…a quiet place to write. Many different musical groups are of interest to Bill.  There is definitely something for everyone here. There is more on the ship than we will ever be able to do.

     Of course, the food is very good and everywhere.  I have determined to eat responsibly.  I am not going crazy here.  Dinner was wonderful, and I had the salmon.  The kids got dressed…it was casual night.  The casual night here is like what they wear to church so it was nice to have them all dressed nicely.  They all used their manners and I was amazed that they remembered them.  It was a wonderful family meal.  Now, if I could just have someone to cook it for me at home!

     To me the best part is the view.  That is why I picked this trip.  The unbelievable landscape can only point to the Creator. What better way to celebrate life than to see his hand everywhere and know that he is much bigger than a little thing like cancer.  He is everywhere all the time, but when you can see him like this….wow!

     White topped mountains created a ring around the harbor.  Clouds floated lazily by creating shadow pictures on the mountains below.  The lush green mountains were in sharp contrast to the city skyscrapers along the shoreline.  Floatplanes buzzed like bees in a hive of activity as they landed all around us.  The sky was clear blue and the sun was bright.  We watched from the back deck…and from our balcony.  This is why I love this trip.  God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.

     Today we are at sea all day.  Right now, the ship is rocking some, so far, Aaron is not sick.  Outside my window, it is misty with no land in sight.  The waves are swelling so that explains the gentle rocking motion that kept me asleep.  As the day progresses, I am hoping the sun will break through.  This afternoon we will be on the inside passage so the rolling of the waves will settle.


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