Spectacular.  That is the only word I can think of to describe Victoria ’s Burchart Gardens .  The flowers were amazing and many were in full bloom.  This garden was started when a woman had the vision to fill in the hole her husbands quarry made.  It is now one of the most beautiful sunken gardens in the world with over 1 million visitors a year.  The path leads to the edge with an incredible view down into the garden.  There are many steps as you wind into the hole.  The paths then go in several directions each with its own plush grassy area filled with flowers and trees of all colors.  One area had a waterfall tumbling into a pond.  Another had a fountain.  One of the old kilns from the cement factory, is a living garden monument to the days of old.  Spectacular.

Then you enter the Rose Garden.  Thousands of roses from all over the world give off a scent that you smell long before you enter….even though there were only a few in bloom.  All colors, from crimson red, to yellow, to pink with red tips.  I cannot even imagine what it would be like in a few weeks when all of them are blooming.  Spectacular.

The Japenese Garden is next on the map.  The entire thing is covered in moss as a ground cover and canopy trees make you feel as if you are in a secluded, wooded area in Japan .  Water runs around every curve with layers of small waterfalls and ponds all long the way.  There are little Japanese trees, bridges and little huts with private places to sit and rest.  Spectacular.

Next is the Italian Garden with a star pond as its centerpiece.  Flowers bloom and there is sculpture in the pond.  Another reflection pool is filled with Lily pads in full bloom.  Spectacular.  The whole experience was one of wonder and amazement.  The boys, who were complaining about having to visit a garden, were the last to board our bus.  All were complaining that they didn’t have enough time!  It was acres and acres of beauty all in one place.  They have over 50 gardeners!

 If we had it to do over, we would have stayed the entire day and watched the fireworks in the evening.  It was only a short part of our longer tour of the Island of Victoria . The experience of riding a big ferry was new to all of us.  It was a beautiful ride across to the Island , though in the morning it was cold and rainy, by the time we arrived it was overcast and warmer.  Our tour through the gardens was the perfect temperature.  Then when we got to town the sun broke through for our shopping time.  On the way back across the on the ferry, the sun was setting over the ocean.  It was a spectacular day!     


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