Symphony of the Wind

The leaves are rushing, sounding like a quiet roar as they blow in the wind.  In between the roars, you can hear the birds chirping.  I wonder what they say to one another. One sings and then there is a shrill reply.  I think they are talking about the beautiful day.  The cool air is moving over my skin refreshing and crisp. I think I can understand why the birds are singing joyfully.  Trees surround me in all shades of green.  They seem to dance with one another, just as the birds are singing.  Wooden arms raised to the sky as the dance continues with abandon.  Is it my imagination or is this forest alive?  Does it have something to teach?

  Trying to answer my question, another gusty roar silences everyone but the leaves.  I listen to the wind.  It is speaking.  The birds hear.  The trees hear.  The leaves hear.  Can I hear?  Do I know the words of the wind? 

Now all is still.  The birds take the stage for a concert.  There are many different parts, but one song.  Beautifully they sing it and in the chorus, the leaves join in.  Swishing, chirping, and blowing are the instruments in this peaceful Sunday symphony.  It is as if they are playing for an audience.  Each plays their part perfectly and with each measure, the sun brightens with dusty rays flowing to the ground.  Shining through the dancing leaves creates a light show to highlight the sounds of the symphony.  I could think that this concert is for me but I know better.  I know that the creator, director, and conductor is the Holy Spirit.  He is the voice of the wind.  I hear his words, “All creation testifies to the Glory of God.”  Today the creation is testifying as I watch and learn.  They are singing their praises to their audience of one.  While God is their only audience, I am a benefactor of their worship of him.  I hear their words…“live fully to worship him.”


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