16 years

Sixteen years ago today I was in labor about to birth our first son.  It seems like yesterday.  I know they say time moves faster when you get older and I am finding it to be true.  Aaron was my first big baby and he paved the way for the ones after him…he still does.  I am grateful on this day to be here to celebrate with him.  There is a new perspective about birthdays. It is not about the stuff but about making memories.  We went to Red Lobster for lunch…his favorite resturant.  Then to see the new Pirates of the Caribean movie.  We went back to Skitts Mountain for swimming at the Gunnins where we had cake and ice cream.  It was just us and his girlfriend.  It was a good day.  In a few weeks, after our trip to Alaska, he will be taking his drivers test and getting a car.  He will taste freedom in a new way and I will let go a little more.  It is sad for them to grow up but at the same time it is the right thing.  Bittersweet.  New challenges ahead.  Happy Birthday Aaron.

2 thoughts on “16 years

  1. I remember the day that boy was born (and the nine months preceeding that). Rachel came 15 days before him on May 11th. I also remember doing motherhood with you – toddlers and newborns. Did we ever sleep? Where did the 16 years go? Happy birthday Aaron, good job mothering Michelle!

    P.S. Rachel has no boyfriend and there will definitely be no car!

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