Bad day at school

Tonight I sit on my back porch listening to the sounds of dogs barking in the distance, and cricket chirping.  I love this porch.  We had a candle light dinner out here tonight and I decided to stay.  I has been a hard two days at work.  Today was a half day and it seemed to take twice as long as a whole one.  There have been discipline issues with one of my students.  The law was involved and the family who was all for punishment yesterday, changed their minds today.  Today it is the teachers fault.  Pulling us from our end of year party to demand an apology…rough day.  Our superintendent was called and now there is an investigation of what we did in the situation.  It is a terrible way to end the year, being questioned.  I fully believe that we were professional in our handling of the issue.  I know that has already come out in our written report.  It is just the idea that I hate.  That after all we poor into these kids…this one in particular…our motives are still questioned.  It is part of being a teacher.  A bad part.  The public feels it has the right to come in during a party and call you down.  Then they are offended when you refuse to bow to their pressure.  Bad day.  Maybe tomorrow, this will be resolved and the last day of school will be salvaged.

Word of Advice

Parents that are reading…please put yourself in the position of the teacher before you barge into a classroom on the attack.  Think about how you would complain to a doctor or lawyer.  I don’t think you would run into their office while they were with another client or patient and yell at them in front of the other person.  Please do not do this to your teachers.  We really do love children and want the best for them.


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