Special request

Calling all my praying friends…a member of our church, Jason Harkins, was killed in Iraq.  I have written about him in an earlier blog.  His funeral is on Friday and it is going to be big.  The whole town plans to line the streets between the funeral home in Cleveland to the church in Clermont.  It is to be a show of support for the family that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  We recieved word that a group is planning to protest the funeral.  It is the same group that protested the gay club at the high school and picketed our Easter parade.  They have a twisted and hateful message…and they are always looking for a spot light.  Jason was a native of Cleveland and many of the locals are very angry about the protesters.  Our prayer is that there are no confrontations and that the funeral can be a time of honor to this fallen soldier.  Please join with us in praying for the family and community…you are all the greatest!


2 thoughts on “Special request

  1. This young man’s family will be in my prayers and surely there will be no protesters to intervene. I am so sorry that there is so much igorance in the world and hatred. What a sacrifice Jason made for all of us. Thanks for letting us know.

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