Live Strong Day

Today is Live Strong Day.  It is a tribute to cancer victims and survivors started by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  The goal of the day is to unify those that have suffered from this deadly disease.  On my way to work, I heard stories of strength and courage.  I have such a story myself, and I have a new appreciation for anyone that is going through or has gone through Cancerland.  The tears come quickly when reliving the details of my own journey, as others share their painful stories. 

This terrible disease brings out the best of the human spirit, the spirit God created within us to fight for life.  It changes your priorities and perspectives.  Everything looks differently after surviving such a challenge.  I think it is like some big sporting event such as the super bowl, only the stakes are much higher…life and death.  Oh, yeah…and you do not get to train.  It is thrust upon you totally, unaware and suddenly you are in the fight of your life.  The only preparation you have is what has been developed in your life up to that point…faith, strength of character, endurance, emotional health, physical strength and stamina.  This fight will try to take all of that away.  Where you are the weakest is where it will hit the hardest.  I have never been through anything that so consumed every part of my life.  Without the Lord and a fabulous support system, I do not see how anyone could survive. 

The incredible part of this journey is that in all of this weakness, with a weary body, soul and spirit…God comes through.  He shines out like a beacon…his strength is displayed through this desire that rises to fight, to endure…to survive.  He built this into the deepest parts of our being.  It is his design.  When all else is weak, He is strong. When you cannot lift your head, you can feel him pouring strength into your spirit.  His breath surges into you, as he whispers to your heart.  “Fight!”  “Survive!”  “Live!” 


My motto…live fully. Lance Armstrong’s motto…live strong.


God’s motto? Live Free.  Free from cancer, from unforgiveness, from bitterness, from sin, from darkness, and from death.  Be free to love, share, give, and live.  I applaud the human spirit that fights for life.  I pray that all of us can Live Free.


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