Back Porch

I am sitting on my back porch.  I cleaned  and kicked the dogs out this morning.  I do this each year…except last year.  It is thundering so there is a cool breeze.  My family is all off shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for me.  I am enjoying my porch again…I love it out here. 

I am thinking back to last night’s Relay for Life.  It was different from last weeks but still meaningful.  Bill and my kids, my parents and his parents all walked together.  It was awesome to have almost my complete support system walking together.  Bill and his dad had on matching shirts as did me and his mom.  That was another acknowledgment that we have walked this road together.  As we rounded the track near my schools tent my friends let out a cheer for me.  That touched my heart and brought tears to the surface.  Afterward, many of them said that when they saw my entire family around me that they were brought to tears as well.  This is all very fresh for all of us.  I am only a 4 month survivor.  It was a blessing to walk a victory lap with so many cheering me on.  It was a good evening.


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