Sip or Chug?

I heard a great message tonight at church.  First the speaker had two of the students come forward, one boy and one girl.  He poured two big cups of Mountain Dew for each.  One cup had a coffee stirrer in it the other was regular, no lid.  The game was a race to see which one could finish drinking both of their cups the fastest.  Of course, they both chugged the regular one first and then began sucking the straw on the second.  The pace slowed considerably as their mouths tired and their stomachs filled.  The girl gave up because she was too full to drink more.  The guy won when he finished his second cup. 

The speaker used the race as an illustration.  He said it is similar to sitting beside a fast flowing river…the river of God .  It is alive and vibrant.  It flows passionately.  And we sit on the side dying of thirst and sipping it with a straw.  Then when our thirst is not quenched, we have the audacity to blame the river.  It was a great message for the students but for the adults as well.  Are you sipping?  Playing church?  Do you dip your straw into the living water occasionally or are you chugging?  His point was that it is our choice to sip or chug.  Our sipping never changes unless we decide to drink deeply. 

This illustration reminded me of my motto to live fully.  I think it is more than just gulping the water.  I think to live fully you have to dive in.  Run to the river of God and immerse ourselves in its flow.  We have to desire the passionate relationship and pursue it.  The river is rushing by us as we sip from a straw.  My desire is to jump with abandonment into the flow of God.


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