Surgery Scheduled

I just got back from the doctor.  My bladder surgery is scheduled for June the 29th at 9:30.  I will be at Gwinnett Medical Center.  The good thing is that it will be an outpatient procedure and I will only be there for 5 or so hours.  The surgery itself only lasts about an hour.  They will be putting a sling around my urethra…yuck.  They found that the problem I am having is that my urethra isn’t closing at all….so all the leakage I am having is understandable.  And if it is open always then germs can get in anytime…therefore more infections are probable.  The surgery has a 85 to 95% success rate and most women have no problems afterwards.  He feels that I am a very good candidate.  The recovery time is a week, with no heavy lifting for 3 months.  I scheduled it this summer since I cannot take any more time off of work this year.  Our trip to Alaska is right after school is out so we had to wait until we get home from that.  I will be glad to have it behind me and to get on with life!

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