A Miracle

I have witnessed a miracle.  Miracles are not expected in our day and time, but I believe that God still performs them. I have a friend named Jessica, and her mother has been in poor health for a number of years.  A few years, ago she and her family made the decision to bring her mother to live in their home.  It was a difficult decision to make because the mother/daughter relationship was tumultuous.  Not many of us escape childhood without scars inflicted by the choices of others.  Jessica and her sister Toni were no exception.  There were deep wounds from the relationship that caused all parties untold pain.  Many friends were concerned about the decision for them to live under the same roof.  However, despite any misgivings and uncertainties Jessica determined to obey God’s voice in her heart and honor her mother.  Instead of sending her to a nursing home, my friend opened her home.  It was a step of faith.

            The past month, her mother’s health has been rapidly deteriorating.  Arthritis has become the enemy that brings unmanageable pain, and somewhere in the midst of this onslaught, death began to creep towards the door.  As time moved forward without a pause, the sisters began preparing for this death.  God brought them together to fight for their mom’s life and in that moment, they spoke the unspoken…they forgave. Love broke down the hardened walls of bitterness.  Humility rushed in to rescue the hearts of hurt.  Unity replaced division.  Tears of transparency washed away years of pain.  It was a modern day miracle…a family resurrected. 

            The mother of my friend passed on today.  She was held in her daughter Toni’s arms as she flew to freedom. The beautiful thing is that there are no regrets.  Nothing left unsaid.  Nothing left undone.  Can you say that about your relationships?   

All was set right between them, and the love that had eluded the mother, was found in the faith of her own children.  It was a precious thing to see.  I am glad to be a witness and to testify that forgiveness has a mighty power to heal.  Death forces us to face the hidden rooms of our soul…the dark places.  God brings the light and exposes the darkness even as he heals the wounds.  Forgiveness is a gift that sets us free.  Will you open it?


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