Wings of God

I love the fact that God uses word pictures to help us understand him better.  All throughout the Bible, he consistently shows himself by describing principles with visual images.  Recently, he used the image of wings and feathers to teach a group of students about his faithfulness.  The story begins when a group, on a mission trip to
Brazil , encountered obstacles while traveling.  Delayed flights, air traffic controller strikes, power outages, and fog had caused the question to be raised, “Are we really supposed to be doing this?” 

A youth pastor on the trip began to tell a story.  In an attempt to motivate he students back home in Alabama , he created a contest.  The youth ministry was in need of a name so the competition began.  Ultimately, the winner was a girl that came up with the name “The Wing.”  It was based on the scripture in Isaiah that says “You will mount up with wings as Eagles.  You will run and not grow weary.  You will walk and not faint.”  Shortly after the winner was announced, a praying mom in the group began to find feathers in unusual places.  Her first unexplained feather was in the youth building.  Then another floated to her one morning in her living room.  She felt the Lord direct her to Ps. 91.  “He will cover you with his feathers.” 

Soon students in the youth group also began to find feathers, under windshield wipers, or in their Bibles.  Considering she had not told them of her experiences this caught the attention of the youth pastor.  God spoke to the minister about his protection and faithfulness.  He then shared this story with our group of students while they were in Brazil .  Soon after, feathers began appearing….


More tomorrow… 🙂


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