Vitamin D

I love the sun. There is no other feeling like soaking in it.  You can almost feel your skin slurping in the Vitamin D.  I was at a soccer game yesterday.  It was a perfect day, not too hot, not too cold.  The breeze was just cool enough to keep the sun from scorching heat.  I wore shorts and short sleeves…no hat.  In between cheering, I put my head back and let the sun kiss my cheeks.  Health radiated into me.  I was like a lizard on a rock, just basking, allowing my body to be the benefactor of the rays.  It felt good, refreshing…healthy.  I appreciate these little things more these days.  I am getting healthier by the day…I can feel it.  Today I am sunburned…just slightly…enough for my freckles to surface. The warmth of yesterday’s sun is a refreshing memory, but the Vitamin D still working!


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