Unexpected Reaction

I had an unexpected reaction today.  I was going to the grocery store, and when I pulled into the parking lot there was a blood mobile.  Suddenly, my eyes were wet with tears.  This was totally out of the blue and I didn’t even really know why it had this effect on me.  I was not sobbing, just tearing up a little.  Surprised by this, I waited in the car until it passed, wondering what in the world caused this sudden reaction.

 I concluded that I am deeply grateful for those who give blood.  I thought about the person that gave the blood that I now have pumping through my veins and a deep appreciation welled up in my heart. I know that people who are regular givers do not think it is a big deal.  They just do it.  I want to tell them, that to those of us who get the blood, it IS a big deal…a very big deal.  I thought back to how much better I felt after my transfusion and thanked God for blood drives, blood mobiles, and nurses that care.  I also asked him to bless the one that contributed to my well-being.  For those of you that are regular givers…THANK YOU!  God bless you for your diligence and compassion. 


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