Today is Saturday and I have gathered all of my chickadees back into the nest.  After a week with just one or two in and out it is nice to have them all home again.  Hannah and Aaron arrived right on time despite the air traffic controller strike in Brazil.  I’d like to thank the Brazillian Air Force for that!  They are exhausted but happy.  They asked for me to stop and get fried chicken, fried okra sweet tea, and mashed potatoes for lunch…l guess they missed southern food!  They came home and were happy to see their rooms clean and fresh, without having to do any of the work!  We looked at all the pictures on the computer. They have had long hot showers and put in the laundry.  Aaron is playing a new video game with William and Hannah is getting ready to take a nap.  It is good for them to be home. We will be getting details for days…the first thing said was how faithful God is…that was a theme of the trip even though they don’t plan to have themes, I love it when God does that!  He showed them himself all along the way.  They are already planning next year!

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