Spring Break

My spring break has been full of fun.  So far I have had a mamogram and a bladder test…see what I mean?  Fun!  Today I had a bladder test to determine if I am going to need surgery.  I won’t know the results for a week.  The test was not really fun…but we did determine that I am not emptying all the way.  That could be part of the problem with the urinary tract infections I keep having.  This test will give alot of information and will help to decide if I need bladder retraining, medicine or surgery.  How do they retrain my bladder?  After this test today, I am afraid to ask.   The mamogram was my yearly test…nothing extra.  I didn’t have one last summer after my whirlwind journey began so I am playing catch up. 

Hannah called yesterday from Brazil.  Things are going well there.  Today was a building day and tomorrow will be as well.  Tomorrow night they will have the dedication service.  I know it seems very fast but building a church there isn’t the same as here.  Their building standards are relaxed…otherwise they wouldn’t have teenage girls doing the work!  Thursday they have a free day and are going to the beach.  If you look at South America they are on the most Eastern tip.  She said it is a rural area and that the houses are far apart so there are not as many children to play with as previous years.  That evidently has made the building go faster, not having to stop and play with kids during the day.  She said the area is beautiful and totally different from the other areas she has been to.  Aaron is having fun as well.  He has bonded with an 8 year old boy and they are big buddies.  He did get sick on the plane on the way over.  I asked him if he took his dramamine and he said, “right before I threw up.”  He plans to take his medicine earlier on the flight back. They did not know any more about the strike so I am assuming things are go for them to return home.  They leave on Friday but will not be back until Saturday…they will fly all night.  Please continue to pray for them as they travel.


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