Another Waterfall

Guess what I found?  Another writing about a waterfall trip Bill and I took several years ago.  I think it is interesting to compare my writing with my writing.  Here is the “old” waterfall piece.  See what you think.


            I never cease to be amazed by how God is so visible in  nature.  It doesn’t matter how many summer nights I have watched lightning bugs, and the sound of katydids can still peacefully lull me to sleep.  In my lifetime, I have seen hundreds of waterfalls but if given the chance, I will drop everything at a moments notice to go and see the wonder.  I think it is true that all creation praises his name.  I love to watch for him in nature.  If I look and listen carefully, I always gain some new understanding about God that I didn’t know before. 

            It’s like nature is God’s word picture. For example, I love to watch the water hurl itself with abandon over the falls.  It never looks back or tries to go back up the falls.  As a kid, I used to try to watch one drop of water all the way down the falls.  You should try it sometime.  It is easy, just pick one drop, or group of drops as they come over the top then with your eyes follow just that group until they get to the bottom.  It kind of makes the waterfall go in slow motion.  Once you have done it a few times you begin to see the waterfall is actually made up of many individual drops.  We tend to just watch them as a whole, but when you watch the parts of the whole, it is fascinating. 

            My husband and I went to a local waterfall last week for our anniversary.  It is just like God to put us together with someone who sees a different perspective than ours.  My husband is a musician therefore he hears music everywhere.  I am a writer, so I see things like pictures in my mind.  So as I am looking at the drops of water, he is hearing them.  We stopped all along the trail to listen to the water.  He pointed out to me that the waterfall sound we love is made up of many individual sounds.  And when I closed my eyes and listened I found he is right.  I could hear the hiss of the foam as water went over the rocks.  I could hear dripping and swishing yet, when you do not try to pick those sounds apart I only hear rushing powerful waters.  God is a great teacher.  He used both mine and my husbands learning styles to teach us the same thing.



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